Madison Scott-Clary

“All artists search. I search for stories, in this post-self age. What happens when you can no longer call yourself an individual, when you have split your sense of self among several instances? How do you react? Do you withdraw into yourself, become a hermit? Do you expand until you lose all sense of identity? Do you fragment? Do you go about it deliberately, or do you let nature and chance take their course?”

With immersive technology at its peak, it's all too easy to get lost. When RJ loses emself in that virtual world, not only must ey find eir way out, but find all the answers ey can along the way.

And, nearly a century on, society still struggles the the ramifications of those answers.

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Launch party

Qoheleth will have an online launch party on October 1! There will be two sessions: one at 12:00PM Pacific and one at 6:00PM Pacific. Come join to say hi to Madison, listen to some readings, learn more about the post-self universe, and even get some discounts on the book!

The party will be streamed here and discussion will take place both in the stream chat and on Discord.